Pets Perfect Revitalised
Hello Everyone,

Pets Perfect has recently been taken over by Phoenix Global Enterprises (PGE) and is now part of the PGE Group. (

As we are the proud new owners we are making changes to our website to benefit our customers even more!

Our new benefits include:
• New Website Design / Layout
• New Ranges
• Worldwide Delivery
• Featured Services
• Exclusive Discounts and loyalty points for Members

We have a complete new look, from the website to our logo and branding, we are doing our best to ensure your shopping experience is as easy and stress free as possible.

Our team are adding lots of new ranges including products from Red Dingo, Danish Design, Mabel & Mu, Company of Animals… plus more! With great quality products, we intend to give great quality customer service. We offer worldwide delivery so that no matter where you and your furry best friends are located, you can enjoy the great service and products of Pets Perfect.

Pets Perfect are looking to support and work alongside UK based independent businesses that provide animal related services in all sectors including the following:

• Training
• Dental Care / Vets / Medical Care
• Walking / Home Care
• Behaviour therapy
• Nutrition
• Charities / Rescue
• Pet Friendly Holidays / accommodation
• Kennels / Pet Sitters
• Photography
Any companies that would like to be considered to feature on our website please contact us directly for more information at
For loyal customers, Pets Perfect are looking to introduce a loyalty points system whereby customers can earn points by signing up via email, placing an order with us, sharing our page via Facebook and Twitter and Registering your pet’s birthday with us. The points will be of a monetary value that can be spent on our online store. Alongside this we will offer discounts that will be sent to you via email, this could include discount codes, exclusive offers and priority notification of upcoming sales.

We will ensure that you are up to date with the latest trends and products that are best for your pets, because we’re passionate about pets 😊

Until next time,

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